What percentage of your team should be at or above quota?

Are you considering a new sales opportunity or just evaluating your current situation? The most important factor by far is the percentage of reps currently hitting quota. This metric will tell you almost everything about an opportunity including product, culture, advancement opportunity, earning potential and others. Knowing this percentage makes it easy to evaluate [...]

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10 statistics that will change the way you think about salespeople

Here are a few eye-opening statistics with particular implications for anyone who is in sales, leadership, or talent acquisition. Enjoy! “Sales is essentially a talent-driven occupation. Salespeople in the bottom 50% of most sales forces will not benefit at all from additional training.” (Gallup) The very best performers frequently sell between 4 and 10 times [...]

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Advance your Sales Career 5X Faster with These 5 Secrets

What is the hands-down fastest way to advance your career? It’s all about getting with the right company at the right time. Choosing wisely is a far better way to advance than putting in years at some companies, earning extra degrees, and even knowing the right people. It’s important to consider timing every bit as much as [...]

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How to Truly Boost your Sales Using LinkedIn – It’s Not What you Think!

SiriusDecisions just released some interesting findings at their 2015 Summit. The conclusion here is that B2B salespeople still play a critical role in the buyer’s decision, especially with larger deals. This is obvious to most people in sales, but SiriusDecisions is also credited with one of the most misused stats out there, which is that “67% of [...]

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3 Studies that Explain the Huge Demand for Salespeople – and What it Means for You

Staffing/Market Research authorities Manpower and LinkedIn have recently released two studies that illustrate the increasingly intense demand for salespeople, and how companies are doing their best to adapt. These are both great reads, and my biggest take-away was that the #3 most difficult position to fill in 2014 was “Sales Representative.” To put that into perspective, "IT [...]

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