Toxicology Positions

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Toxicology Positions

Senior Toxicologist – Specialty Ingredients

Our client is a global leader in chemical and naturally derived ingredients, with significant business in a variety of consumer goods sectors. Due to a significant R&D commitment to a growing business unit, the company seeks an experienced toxicologist for a newly created role.

The person hired for this position will be responsible for product safety assessment of ingredients used in nutritional products, functional foods, dietary supplements and personal care products. He/She will conduct safety and risk assessments and oversee external testing programs, generate regulatory and internal dossiers and represent the company’s interests on trade association scientific committees. Customer and regulatory interaction will be an important part of the role.

The position requires a PhD in Toxicology or a related discipline and not less than three years of experience. Desired experience would come from the food, ingredients and/or personal care product industries. In addition to the technical qualifications, a strong communicator, with the ability to effectively interact with and influence internal and external stakeholders as well as regulators is needed. The position will work from an office in the Northeast U.S.

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Toxicology Lead, Chemicals

Our client is a U.S. based, large and diversified chemical company which seeks the person who will lead their toxicology and hazard assessment program. This position reports to the company’s Global Leader of Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs.

A Ph.D. in toxicology or a related health science is required, as is more than five years of relevant experience. Due to the emerging regulatory climate, the company seeks a toxicologist with familiarity with risk/exposure assessment and alternative methods used for product safety evaluation. Specific familiarity with global inventory regulations (TSCA, ReACH etc.) is needed.

The person hired for this role will oversee all company programs for toxicology testing, risk assessment, regulatory clearances and related matters. In addition, he/she will supervise a group which is responsible for the company’s GHS compliance and two toxicologists. This role has been identified as a succession opportunity for the person’s supervisor.

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Director of Toxicology – Pharmaceuticals

Our client company is a Boston based oncology pharmaceutical company. Due to demands within their pre-clinical research function, the company is seeking a toxicologist with significant pharmaceutical safety assessment experience. The position reports to the company’s Director of Nonclinical Research.

A PhD degree and ten or more years of experience is required. The person must demonstrate strong knowledge of drug development and regulatory requirements. A strong leadership, work ethic and communication profile is necessary on the non-technical side. Experience with FDA interactions is an important experience to have.

The person hired for this position will independently manage toxicology programs for a variety of drug candidates, work collaboratively with associates on drug development strategy, oversee external testing programs and have a supervisory role.

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Toxicologist – Pharmaceuticals

The Leyden Group associates have been engaged by a publicly traded pharmaceutical company in the San Diego area to identify an experienced toxicologist. The position, reporting to the company’s VP of Preclinical Research, is newly created, due to growth.

A person with a BS and/or MS in Toxicology, or a related science, and five or more years of toxicology operations experience is required. A strong knowledge of GLP regulations and contract research interactions is required.

The person hired for this role will manage the company’s interactions with contract services providers, to include study planning, protocol generation, study monitoring, data analysis and contribution to regulatory dossiers required for regulatory approvals. He/She will also interact with colleagues on broader drug development strategy matters. As the company’s only toxicologist, a good career growth opportunity is available.

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Senior Regulatory Toxicologist – AgroChemicals

Our client company is a large and global provider of agricultural chemicals and biotechnology products located in the Midwest U.S. The company’s Head of Human Health/Toxicology is seeking an experienced regulatory toxicologist. A Ph.D. and five or more years of applied experience is desired. Specific experience with agricultural products is desired but not required.

The focus of this person’s role will be strategic safety and risk assessment associated with the registration and defense of new agricultural chemicals and biotechnology products. With the complexity of regulatory approvals under EPA and other regulatory agencies, this person will work collaboratively with colleagues in other disciplines to ensure safe exposure levels, use risk assessment tools and manage/interpret the required toxicity testing. The ability to handle complex product development challenges is an important part of the role.

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Early Career Toxicologist – Agro Chemicals

Our client company is a leader in the agricultural products industry. Among the company’s products are a wide variety of chemicals for crop management.

The company is seeking a Toxicologist with interests in regulatory safety and risk assessment and is willing to consider an early career scientist. A Ph.D. in Toxicology, and preferably a relevant postdoc fellowship, is required. Coursework and any experience in risk assessment methodologies is desired.

The person hired for this role will work in a non-laboratory setting, charged with the planning of studies and interpretation of toxicologic data required for registration of active ingredients and formulations. The role is global in scope. He/She will also collaborate with colleagues about the development of new crop chemical products and the defense of existing product chemistry.

Interpersonal skills including excellent communication abilities and the capability to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders is necessary. This will include future interactions with colleagues, government regulatory representatives and public policy and NGO representatives.

The position will be located in a metropolitan location in the Midwest, reporting to the company’s Leader of Human Health Assessment.

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Lead Toxicologist – Chemicals

One of the world’s largest and most successful chemicals and materials company has asked us to identify the person that will lead a toxicology and risk assessment program, principally in support of a critical business unit. The position will report to a Director of Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs.

This person will have full responsibility for the management of toxicology testing, risk and product safety assessment, contribution to global product approval strategy and post-market product stewardship support for new R&D chemistry, in a high demand category. Aside from the business unit specific activities, this person will serve on the company’s Occupational Exposure Committee, ensuring a safe work environment.

The company seeks a PhD degreed scientist with at least five years of product safety assessment experience, ideally in the chemical industry. Candidates with experience in other industries will be considered. An ABT Board Certified toxicologist is preferred. The ideal candidate would have some experience in the inhalation/pulmonary toxicology realm.

Ideally the person will work from an office/R&D environment in the N.E. United States, but consideration will be given to alternate locations in the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions.

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Senior Toxicologist – Biotechnology

The Leyden Group has been engaged by an emerging biotechnology company (Boston area located) to assist in the identification of an experienced toxicologist for a newly created position. The company is working in novel therapies within their target disease area and experiencing strong growth.

A graduate degreed toxicologist with not less than four years of experience is being sought. Previous experiences should include CRO/contractor selection and study management/monitoring, regulatory (development phase) safety assessment and some exposure to investigative (discovery phase) toxicology.

Reporting to a Head of Preclinical Sciences, this person will be an active participant on product development project teams, assist in regulatory dossier preparation and manage studies conducted at various CRO facilities. A good career growth opportunity is presented by the company.

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Director of Toxicology – Pharmaceuticals

The Leyden Group has been engaged by a mid-sized pharmaceutical company to identify an experienced toxicologist for a program leadership position. The company is evolving from an acquisition model to a new product R&D model, requiring a person with experience in pre-clinical safety assessment.

The company is seeking a doctorally degreed scientist with more than seven years of experience in pharmaceutical toxicology. DABT certification is strongly preferred. The ideal candidate will have experience in both small and large molecule modalities and have good experience in CRO/vendor selection and regulatory dossier preparation/defense experience.

The person hired for this role will work collaboratively with colleagues in many disciplines to advance new drug candidates through the pre-clinical assessment phase with drugs with a variety of therapeutic targets. Regulatory agency and CRO vendor interactions will be an important part of the job. The role is located in either of two offices, one on the West Coast, the other on the East Coast. The position reports to a VP of Preclinical Sciences.

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Senior Toxicologists – Consulting Services

We are working with one of the most well established and respected consulting and risk assessment consulting firms in North America. Due to their success, growth and need for succession planning, the company is seeking toxicologists/risk assessment professionals with mid-career level experience.

A doctoral degree in Toxicology, Public Health or a related science is required. The company desires five or more years of experience in applied toxicology, risk assessment, product safety, litigation support and/or expert testimony. Excellent quantitative and writing skills are important criteria for success.

The company presents an opportunity to grow an established toxicology/risk assessment practice, to include ownership and management outcomes. The company is flexible concerning the location from which these people will work, to include any of three existing U.S. based offices.

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