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Toxicology Positions

Associate Director/Senior Manager Toxicology – Pharmaceuticals

Our client company is a publicly traded CNS therapeutics company with a promising pipeline. As a result of growth and robust funding, the company is seeking an experienced toxicologist.

The candidate hired for this role will independently provide strategic input on preclinical drug safety matters as part of development teams, author portions of regulatory dossiers, engage with regulatory authorities and manage external testing programs through the company’s CRO partners.

The supervisor (Sr. Director/Head of Toxicology) is seeking a person with a PhD and seven or more years of relevant experience, with a preference for DABT certification. Of equal importance is an ability to think creatively and work cooperatively with colleagues as part of this company’s high energy culture.

The company is embracing a remote work arrangement, with present employees working from more than twenty different states. The company is headquartered in the Boston area.

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Director of Toxicology – Contract Research

The Leyden Group associates have been engaged by a small, nimble and scientifically premier contract research laboratory to hire their “face of toxicology” (as portrayed by their CEO), the person to whom this job reports. The company has assembled an excellent team of preclinical scientists in the toxicology, ADME/PK and safety pharmacology disciplines.

A scientist with five or more years of toxicology experience is sought, with a preference for previous CRO employment. The person hired for this role will have broad responsibilities, to include oversight and training for a team of Study Directors/Technicians, client relations and proposal preparation and a general oversight of the scientific quality and timeliness of the company’s safety assessment product.

Relocation to the company’s Midwest US laboratory is required, given the important leadership role this person will hold. In addition to a competitive salary, bonus and relocation assistance, an equity stake in the company will be offered.

Search assignment #1476

Senior Scientist, Toxicology – Pharmaceuticals

An established client in the pharmaceutical industry has asked us to identify a PhD toxicologist with experience and interest in drug development. In addition to the required PhD, the hiring manager is seeking a scientist with at least one year of pharmaceutical relevant experience (either in a development or discovery capacity). The job seniority would accommodate a person with up to five years of experience.

This person’s role will be exclusively serving as a strategic project team member on multidisciplinary drug development teams, providing preclinical drug safety input and contributing to the design and interpretation of GLP and non-GLP testing protocols. He/She will work in multiple therapeutic targets, with an emphasis on novel modality drug candidates. Significant growth and career diversity are a commitment of this company.

The position will be based in or near San Diego and reports to an Associate Director of Toxicology, a person commitment to mentoring and providing stimulating career challenges to her people.

Search assignment #1477

Head of Preclinical Sciences – Pharmaceuticals/Gene Therapy

Our client company is a Mid-Atlantic based pharmaceutical company which has a broad portfolio of gene therapy based therapeutics. They are a publicly traded, mid sized company.

We have been engaged to identify an experienced toxicologist to lead the company’s Toxicology/Pharmacology group of seven scientists. A PhD or DVM scientist with no less than ten years of proven leadership in pre-clinical sciences is needed. A broad understanding of the design, execution and management of studies and strategies to develop drugs to clinical stage development is required. Specific experience in gene therapies or other novel therapeutics is preferred. A person who can effectively engage with global regulatory authorities and work well with colleagues is needed.

This person will report to a leader at the executive level of the company. For most effective collaboration, the person should reside in the greater Washington DC area.

Search assignment #1473

Toxicologist – Pharmaceuticals

Our client is seeking a graduate degreed toxicologist with two or more years of experience pertinent to preclinical drug safety. Experience in the pharmaceutical industry or a contract research laboratory is strongly preferred.

The company, based in the greater Washington DC metro area, is one of the leading clinical stage firms developing gene vector therapeutics. Their technology, partnered with several large pharma companies, has led to a diverse pipeline with significant drug development work requiring a toxicology skillset.

The person hired for this position will be principally involved in the development, monitoring and management and data assessment of GLP and non-GLP studies conducted by the companies external CRO partners. He/She will also act as a member of the company’s drug development teams, collaborating with cross functional colleagues on drug development challenges.

The company prefers the person to work from their offices, but is negotiable in respect to a remote role, with periodic travel expectations.

Search assignment #1474

Principal Pathologist – Pharmaceuticals

One of the nation’s most successful oncology centric pharmaceutical companies has engaged The Leyden Group to identify an experienced Toxicologic Pathologist. ACVP/ECVP certification is required. A research focused PhD is preferred, along with eight or more years of preclinical safety experience in a pharma setting.

The person hired for this role will act as a study and peer review pathologist on development and discovery phase studies. An equally important part of the role will be acting as a preclinical safety team representative, providing drug development strategy, engagement with regulatory authorities and the preparation of associated regulatory documents and responses.

The position reports to the company’s Head of Pathology. The company will support a fully remote work setting, or offers two West Coast office locations for flexible, in office work.

Search assignment #1412

Toxicologists – Crop Chemicals

Our established client is one of the global leaders in the crop chemicals industry, having active new product discovery and research programs. As a result of their success, the company is seeking as many as three PhD degreed toxicologists.

At least one of these scientists will be an early career person, with broad training in toxicology. Specific expertise in mammalian toxicology, endocrine/reproductive toxicology and/or risk assessment based training is preferred. For such a person, this non-laboratory position will manage and oversee required EPA and global testing, and the interpretation of data. This position will evolve to be a strategic regulatory toxicologist, serving on multi-disciplinary project teams as an expert toxicologist.

At least one of the positions requires a few years of experience in regulatory safety assessment, risk assessment and/or product defense. Ideally, experience in the crop chemicals industry is sought, but the company is willing to consider people from other industries where their experience would be pertinent.

The people hired for these roles will work at the company’s research campus in the Southeast US, in a moderate cost of living environment. For one of the three positions, an Eastern Canadian location is an option.

Search assignment #1462

Senior Toxicologic Pathologist – Pharmaceuticals

One the leading, and long established, pharma companies in the greater Boston area has engaged us to hire an experienced Toxicologic Pathologist to join a growing Drug Safety group. The position reports to the company’s Senior Director of Drug Safety, a person who has built a strong team of pathologists and is widely recognized as a strong mentor/leader. The company will consider candidates in their Boston headquarters or a remote site in Research Triangle Park, NC.

This person will have broad responsibilities to include acting as a pathology expert across discovery and development phase projects, acting as a project pathologist on internal non-GLP studies and interacting with external testing partners in peer and collaborative review of pathology findings. The company works across several disease areas and modalities, which will provide exposure to a variety of safety assessment challenges.

The target experience and credentials would include ACVP Board certification in Anatomic Pathology, a graduate degree and three of more years of applied toxicologic pathology experience. Experience with another drug company and/or in a contract research setting is desired.

Search assignment #1440

Discovery Toxicology Leader

We’ve been engaged by a promising, Boston area pharmaceutical company to find the person who will lead their discovery/investigative toxicology function. The position reports to the company’s SVP of Nonclinical Development, a well respected leader in the field.

The person hired for this role will be the company’s first safety assessment program head and thus, responsible for establishing best practices and resources in early phase toxicology and portfolio de-risking. He/She will actively participate on project teams from the earliest discovery efforts through Phase I development. The needed internal and external resources will be planned and overseen by this individual.

Important credentials include a PhD or DVM and several years of pharmaceutical industry experience with investigative/discovery approaches to nonclinical safety. An ability to design new systems and approaches and contribute to overall safety assessment strategies is important. The ideal candidate would have small molecule and RNA biology experience.

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Senior Toxicologist – Personal Care/Cosmetics

Our client company is a successful US based expert scientific consulting firm. Due to the high demand for their expertise in the consumer products industry, the company is seeking an experienced toxicologist/risk assessment scientist.

The person hired for this position will have a graduate degree in a relevant health science and five or more years of experience in cosmetic or personal care products. Specific experience in ingredient/formulation risk assessment and the global regulations (SCCS/CIR/FDA etc.) which drive consumer product safety assessment is desired, as is DABT certification.

Reporting to the company’s Practice Manager for Consumer Products/Food, this person will interpret toxicity and exposure data, develop safety assessments, engage with clients on safety and regulatory concerns and work collaboratively to provide clients timely science pertaining to their product and ingredient challenges. The position is entirely remotely based with moderate travel demands.

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