Our established client is one of the global leaders in the crop chemicals industry, having active new product discovery and research programs. As a result of their success, the company is seeking as many as three PhD degreed toxicologists.

At least one of these scientists will be an early career person, with broad training in toxicology. Specific expertise in mammalian toxicology, endocrine/reproductive toxicology and/or risk assessment based training is preferred. For such a person, this non-laboratory position will manage and oversee required EPA and global testing, and the interpretation of data. This position will evolve to be a strategic regulatory toxicologist, serving on multi-disciplinary project teams as an expert toxicologist.

At least one of the positions requires a few years of experience in regulatory safety assessment, risk assessment and/or product defense. Ideally, experience in the crop chemicals industry is sought, but the company is willing to consider people from other industries where their experience would be pertinent.

The people hired for these roles will work at the company’s research campus in the Southeast US, in a moderate cost of living environment. For one of the three positions, an Eastern Canadian location is an option.

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